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Neesha Fernandes

Neesha Fernandes is a social worker whose work has focused on young people and their families in shelter, court, and school settings. Neesha recognizes the power of relationships in social systems, and our responsibility to support future generations. This informs her practice in Toronto and the surrounding area, where she was born and raised.

Neesha has a Master of Social Work from Toronto Metropolitan University (previously Ryerson University), and is a registered social worker in Ontario. Neesha has been practicing social work for 13 years, where she continuously builds upon her educational foundation of anti-oppressive, critical social work, to support clients in their personal relationships and navigation of larger systems.

When Neesha takes off her social work hat, she almost always finds herself outside and often cycling or paddling. Most recently, Neesha is a proud participant of the annual Two Row On The Grand paddle, which is a symbolic renewal of the Two Row Wampum. Neesha believes that an increased connection to nature has the potential to shift how we heal, relate to each other, and protect ecosystems.

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